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Store, Water ski store of new and used goods. Electro systems

Welcome all who want to buy goods in my online store recently created.
At the moment, the goods may be purchased by clicking on the basket button and follow the instructions.
After completing the purchase, you will be prompted to select the type of mail service you like by email.
Goods produced in Italy and may take some time for its assembly.
Ramp remote controlled elevation system.
Ramp remote control elevation system has 4 memorable positions.
Easy to elevate water ski ramp to any position end memorize it for example at 135 cm. 150 cm. 165 cm. and 180 cm. positions. Also possible to use one of the remote control button for example 165 cm. to open and close water for the ramp.
Video system.
Video system helping smoothly follow slalom skiers during water ski slalom competitions or training.

Video system review, Nate Smith and Fready Winter running 10.25 slalom course in San Gervasio Bs Pro Am 2016.

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