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Info 2001, Water Ski Career of Genadi Guralia 2001.

2001 The best moments in my Water ski career:
European Water Ski Championships Under-21, Portugal, 12-14 September 2001
12-14 September at the European Water Ski Championships Under-21 in Portugal, Vibranietsova Maria was second in jump with result  42.8 meter.

World Water Ski Championships, Ricetto, Italy, 25-30 September 2001
At the World Water Ski Championships in Italy, Andriopoulou Angelikiwon silver  medal in overall with result  2797.46 point.
I competed for Georgia Water ski Federation in Italy. In jumping I did my personal best and new Georgian National record with 59.5m I was too close to get to the jump finals, I nided 61.2 meters to get in, I got 18th place, in trick my result was 6410 points and 5/58/12 in slalom. Unfortunately my first result in slalom was 2,5/58/10.75 as a new pb but because of some technical problems it was rerun were I couldn't repeat my result.

At the World Games in Akita, Jupun 24 August 2001, Hadzis George was second in jump with result 59.8 meter.

European Junior Water Ski Championships, Lendorf, Belgium, 1-5 August 2001
At the European Junior Water Ski Championships, Lendorf, Belgium, 1-5 August 2001 Xenikos Alexandros in Douphin boys jumping got 4th place with 33,1m, Arachovitis Antonis 8th with 30,5m, Labrou Lukas 10th with 29,0m.

Results of 2001 competitions.

1 At the tournament North Vest in Greece I won four gold medals in slalom, tricks, jump and overall.
2 At the tournament Passage CUP, I won with result 1.5/58/11.25
3 I won also international CUP  Coss - Bodrum.

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