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News 2008

The best moments in my Water ski career:

DSC00275.jpg (114476 байт)I get trophy for the EAME Tournament Male skier of the year 2008.
In photo are coach of Jolly Water ski Center, Claudio Benatti, Me and president of the Jolly Ski School  as well as vice-president of  Italian Water Ski Fedaration, Fedele Luzzeri.

PB040023.jpg (93388 байт) Press conference in Sports Department of Georgia concerning my successes on the World  and Europe championships among seniors 2008.In a photo on the middle the chairman of Sports Department of Georgia, David Namgalauri and from the right the president of Georgian Water ski federation , Roman Melia.

PC300078.jpg (78856 байт)Rewarding ceremony in a nomination the best sportsman of the City, Poti 2008. From the right to photo the chairman of sport committee of the city, Zurab Tibua.

WORLD SENIOR TROPHY and EAME SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS at the Sesena´s Training Center from 8 to 14 September 2008 in Spain.
P9160002.jpg (63644 байт)I am with the president of the Jolly Ski School in Italy, Fedele Luzzeri.
P9080059.jpg (52145 байт) P9080062.jpg (68995 байт)World Senior Trophy and EAME Senior Championships has
successfully ended for me.
I have won 5 gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze.

Here are results 2008 Senior Worlds results   2008 Senior EAME results
P9150145.jpg (68506 байт) World Senior 1 Overall
1 place  Guralia Genadi                   GEO  3587,81 points
2 place  Show Marc                          USA  3174,65 points
3 place  Fortamps Jean-Christoph BEL  2696,10 points

P9140137.jpg (62432 байт)EAME Senior 1 Overall
1 place  Guralia Genadi                    GEO  2981,90 points
2 place  Fortamps Jean-Christoph BEL  2190,08 points
3 place  Budd Danny                         GBR  2046,89 points
P9130073.jpg (75719 байт) P9130054.jpg (67772 байт)World Senior 1 Tricks
1 place Guralia Genadi                    GEO  9000 points
2 place Fortamps Jean-Christoph BEL  5630 points
3 place Fisher Forest                       USA  3210 points

P9130071.jpg (127520 байт) P9130052.jpg (96859 байт) P9130073.jpg (75719 байт) P9150154.jpg (46714 байт) P9150156.jpg (39785 байт)
P9130075.jpg (74703 байт)
P9130077.jpg (72614 байт) P9130076.jpg (66166 байт)World Senior 1 Jump
1 place  Show Marc             USA  57.8 m.
2 place  Guralia Genadi     GEO  53.8 m.
3 place  Schipner Thoralf  GER   53.3 m.
P9140110.jpg (89557 байт)  P9140115.jpg (89069 байт)EAME Senior 1 Jump
1 place  Guralia Genadi     GEO  56.1 m.
2 place  Schipner Thoralf  GER   55.4 m.
3 place  Bud Danny             GBR  54.5 m.
P9140103.jpg (87795 байт) EAME Senior 1 Tricks P9140106.jpg (79023 байт)
1 place Guralia Genadi                    GEO  8540 points
2 place Fortamps Jean-Christoph BEL  5210 points
3 place Schipner Thoralf                 GER  3340 points
P9140096.jpg (89540 байт) EAME Senior 1 Slalom P9140098.jpg (101249 байт) P9140094.jpg (96719 байт)
1 place Newby-Ricci Jeremy   GBR  4/55/10.75
2 place Mistriukov Alexander RUS   3/55/10.75
3 place Guralia Genadi              GEO  1.5/55/10.75
P9120009.jpg (59791 байт) P9080062.jpg (68995 байт) P9130081.jpg (63134 байт) P9080054.jpg (73442 байт) P9120046.jpg (44237 байт) P9120031.jpg (73365 байт)
P9120015.jpg (74836 байт) P9140086.jpg (56505 байт) P9130047.jpg (93668 байт) P9120025.jpg (72028 байт) P9130049.jpg (66902 байт) P9110004.jpg (66109 байт)
P9140124.jpg (48543 байт) P9140125.jpg (47933 байт) P9150150.jpg (64493 байт) P9140131.jpg (47681 байт) P9110005.jpg (59411 байт)
Here are results 2008 Senior Worlds results   2008 Senior EAME results
Italian Championship in Categories San Gervasio Bresciano - 30/31 Aug 2008
Here are results Campionato Italiano Categoria 2008    
P8310116.jpg (89235 байт) P8310118.jpg (72620 байт) P8300048.jpg (95834 байт) P8310065.jpg (81480 байт)
4° San Gervasio B.no Trophy from August 23rd to August 24th RC class tournament with 3 slalom rounds at San Gervasio lake.
P8240034.jpg (76235 байт) P8230017.jpg (83182 байт) P8240035.jpg (65148 байт) P8240032.jpg (70315 байт) P8230014.jpg (64286 байт)
Here is results 4Trofeo San Gervasio
Here is the bulletin Fourth San Gervasio Trophy
P8170063.jpg (65723 байт)I am getting ready for the WORLD SENIOR TROPHY and EAME SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS to be held at the Sesena´s Training Center from 8 to 14 September 2008 in Spain.
P6290417.jpg (38938 байт)27/06/2008-29/06/2008 the 3rd international San Gervasio tournament in Italy, has P6270389.JPG (2186452 байт) been organized at high level, and passed under good weather conditions.
There were more than 60 athletes from different countries of Europe and have been established many personal records.
I made a new national record of Georgia in tricks with
8830 points and came second after Fortamps Olivier from Belgium with result 10760 points. Also I won jumping with 55.6 m. and overall with 2144.41 points.
In slalom I was second with result 3/58/11.25 after Matteo Luzzery from Italy with 1/58/10.75
P6270368.jpg (39441 байт)
My son Levani Guralia did his personal best in slalom with 1.5/55/14.25, in tricks 1820 points and in jumping 15.6 m.
  12 Greek skiers were training in San Gervasio before international tournament and they did good results.

3rd international San Gervasio results

Enjoy Flips 2008
Most of the flips are filmed from the boat in
EAME Under 21 championships in San Gervasio BS, Italy.
There are some examples of good and not good front flips especially
Water ski show in Sirmione with a team of Jolly ski scool
P7180109.JPG (94032 байт) P7180092.JPG (63647 байт) P7180070.JPG (66063 байт)
The best trick skiers of Switzerland, Thierry and Loris Lambriggers, training and helping for coaching in San Gervasio
P7270078.jpg (105508 байт) P7270074.jpg (98751 байт) P6030080.jpg (24129 байт) P7080025.jpg (31518 байт)
Visitors from Serbia
P7240010.jpg (82872 байт) P7240020.jpg (56236 байт) P7240011.jpg (76413 байт) P7240021.jpg (64183 байт) P8060095.jpg (54036 байт) P8060099.jpg (60697 байт) P8060097.jpg (49152 байт)
Many Universities students and internationals athletes were for waterskiing in San Gervasio 2008
P8200003.jpg (89391 байт) P8200006.jpg (78808 байт) P8180090.jpg (76800 байт) P8180093.jpg (76522 байт) P8180096.jpg (76039 байт) 
P8100177.jpg (72293 байт) P8100202.jpg (88098 байт) P8070149.jpg (101609 байт) P8100189.jpg (84890 байт) P8060106.jpg (61892 байт)  
P8020085.jpg (84998 байт) P7300048.jpg (66877 байт) P7300040.jpg (87140 байт) P8010040.jpg (75536 байт) P8010044.jpg (58828 байт) P8010043.jpg (49853 байт)
P8020087.jpg (65271 байт) P7240010.jpg (82872 байт) P7270074.jpg (98751 байт) P7270060.jpg (51359 байт) P7270053.jpg (58355 байт) P7300047.jpg (69137 байт)
P6290302.jpg (36101 байт) P6030019.jpg (38339 байт)  
P7250027.JPG (75654 байт)
The new season of 2008, has begun intensively in the Italian water ski club San Gervasio with arrival of members of the Greek national team. Paris Nikitidis, John Stamatis, Philipos Stamatis and Stauros Lambrou. They will have training here for a new season till 4 May.

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