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News 2009

The best moments in my Water ski career:

I am in San Gervasio BS. Italy again in this 2009 season.

DSCN2242+.jpg (115266 байт) DSCN2066.JPG (52095 байт) RSCN2254.JPG (45279 байт)Elisa Guralia was born in 10/11/2009 4kg. 100 gr. in Manerbio, Italy.
DSCN1923.JPG (4820059 байт)DSCN1929.JPG (5570898 байт)DSCN2017.JPG (5841484 байт)One more wonderful weekend in San Gervasio 25 October 2009 with air of 25 degrees.
DSCN1876.JPG (79724 байт)DSCN1844.JPG (107254 байт)Levani Guralia is the Best Athlete of the Year 2009 in the club of San Gervasio, Italy.
 DSCN1882.JPG (90595 байт)DSCN1827.JPG (107464 байт)DSCN1871.JPG (73165 байт) Tournament  of the Club San Gervasio in slalom, just finished at 17/10/2009.
1 place - La Malfa Alberto with 8 points.
2 place - Fedele Luzzery with 4 points.
3 place - Diego Baratti with 4 points
DSCN1803.JPG (111505 байт)DSCN1807.JPG (132514 байт)DSC_0225.JPG (72081 байт)Sweden National team enjoyed to ski in the club of San Gervasio from 14 to 18 October.
DSCN1700.JPG (80809 байт)DSCN1657.JPG (103572 байт)DSCN1640.JPG (106300 байт)October is still nice for skiing in San Gervasio.
DSCN1476.jpg (247384 байт)DSCN1492.jpg (206940 байт)DSCN1472.jpg (345588 байт)Weekend in a middle of  September in San Gervasio.
Jolly ski school members enjoy water ski lessons and good whether in this period.
DSCN1356.JPG (81960 байт) DSCN1357.JPG (87073 байт)Two groups of young  snow skiers came to San Gervasio for water ski lessons.

DSCN1342.JPG (77975 байт)DSCN1274.JPG (84295 байт)DSCN0925.JPG (45840 байт)At September is still nice to skiing in San Gervasio.
4 years old Sofia asking for ski lessons.
Some Georgian friends visited San Gervasio for skiing.

DSCN0351.JPG (70367 байт)My son Levani Guralia did his PB results in some of the competitions.
Slalom 3/55/13 in  5° San Gervasio B.no Trophy
Tricks 3490 points in Mickey Mouse Trophy - 2009
Jump 20 m. in Italian National Categoris 2009- Segrate

IMG_0047.JPG (77845 байт)IMG_0050.JPG (78432 байт)5° San Gervasio B.no Trophy August 22th and  23th 2009 RC tournament with 3 rounds of slalom and 2 rounds of tricks just finished.
I did 8480 points after the 60 days of no training in tricks.
5th San Gervasio 2009 results

P8070610.JPG (57736 байт)P8050600.jpg (149462 байт)2009 WORLD WATER SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS Calgary, Alberta, CANADA August 3-9, 2009

Unfortunately I am was injured with my ankle, so I skied only in slalom.
zugercompany.jpg (35835 байт)
MZ Is my main sponsor for traveling to Calgary

100_3214.jpg (54520 байт)P7310607.JPG (57534 байт)International Mickey Mouse Trophy - 2009
Omegna, Italy - 1/2 Aug 2009
Mickey Mouse Trophy 2009 results

Here is the bulletin of 5° San Gervasio B.no Trophy August 22th and  23th RC tournament with 3 rounds of slalom and 2 rounds of tricks 5 San Gervasio Trophy
P7250514.JPG (101018 байт)P7270571.JPG (62350 байт)P7240506.JPG (73733 байт)Water ski club members of Obersee from Switzerland visited San Gervasio for water ski lessons.

P6280123.JPG (59294 байт)P7050274.JPG (80483 байт)P7040269.JPG (74111 байт)4th International San Gervasio Trophy 3-5 July just finished last weekend. It was a lot of skiers from different countries, more then 65 persons.
I am was injured before the competition so I skied only in slalom.

P6210268.JPG (71741 байт)P6210270.JPG (85065 байт)P6200254.JPG (78104 байт)Some new visitors from Slovenia, Holland, USA and Arabian Emirates visited the club. 

P6160138.JPG (61360 байт)P6160152.JPG (81488 байт)P6200262.JPG (69107 байт)P6160139.JPG (66278 байт)One week of training for the youngest club members in San Gervasio.

P6140090.JPG (84308 байт)Water ski clubP6140105.JPG (70728 байт)P6130056.JPG (74078 байт) members of Valence from Switzerland visited San Gervasio for water ski lessons.

P6070107.JPG (72119 байт)  P6070108.JPG (50389 байт)P6070117.JPG (59285 байт)Matteo Luzzeri and Feruccio Muzic are helping me for organize a clinic's for waterskiers in June and also we have a fun to ski together.

LX8P9817.JPG (150947 байт)I am getting ready for water ski season 2009, planning toLX8P9131.jpg (109289 байт)LX8P9147.jpg (107782 байт) ski in 4 and 5 San Gervasio Trophy and World Championship in Canada.

4° International San Gervasio B.no Trophy 3-5 July RC tournament with two rounds of all three events will be held in our club. Here is the bulletin 4 San Gervasio Trophy
And here is the bulletin of 5° San Gervasio B.no Trophy August 22th and  23th RC tournament with 3 rounds of slalom  5 San Gervasio Trophy
Next year we also plan to hold the World championship among juniors in San Gervasio.
P5160409.JPG (112087 байт)IMG_1288.JPG (80547 байт)Matteo Luzzeri, European champion Under 21 2007 in slalom, arrived from USA to enjoy the club in San Gervasio for training as well as coaching.

P5140256_800x600.JPG (66537 байт)P5140302_800x600.JPG (67634 байт)

P5140263_800x600.JPG (86039 байт)I am and coach of Jolly Ski School Claudio Benatti have organized familiarization lecture for students about a water ski.


Aheleas.JPG (65448 байт)Some of the visitors of the last year did a good results in season 2008. Achilleas Patounis became number 1 in ranking list under 14 in slalom with national Greek record 2/55/11.25
And Stavros Lambrou  became European Champion 2008 under 17 in jumping with 48.3 m.

zugercompany.jpg (35835 байт)P4240021.jpg (123078 байт)New sponsors: MZ and PUNTO SPORT
Some more information's in the link Sponsors

P4100110.jpg (104224 байт)P4170004.jpg (105343 байт)P4110119.jpg (121039 байт)P40600701.jpg (146425 байт)The season 2009 in San Gervasio started at 4 April.

DSC00275.jpg (114476 байт)I get trophy for the EAME Tournament Male skier of the year 2008.
In photo are coach of Jolly Water ski Center, Claudio Benatti, Me and president of the Jolly Ski School  as well as vice-president of  Italian Water Ski Fedaration, Fedele Luzzeri.

PB040023.jpg (93388 байт) Press conference in Sports Department of Georgia concerning my successes on the World  and Europe championships among seniors 2008.In a photo on the middle the chairman of Sports Department of Georgia, David Namgalauri and from the right the president of Georgian Water ski federation , Roman Melia.

PC300078.jpg (78856 байт)Rewarding ceremony in a nomination the best sportsman of the City, Poti 2008. From the right to photo the chairman of sport committee of the city, Zurab Tibua.

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