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News 2010

The best moments in my Water ski career:

I am in San Gervasio BS. Italy again in this 2010 season.

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segrate2010 (11).JPG (75909 байт)segrate2010 (10).JPG (65940 байт)segrate2010 (17).JPG (127284 байт) 6-9/09/2010 World 35+ and EAME 35+ Championships, Segrate in Italy have finished successfully for me.
 Here are results 35+ World, EAME Championships 2010 Results of senior men 1
Official results are here 35+ Waterski World Championships
and 2010 E&A 35+ Championships
Some more photos possible to see in Photo-Gallery link Competitions
Results Guralia Genadi 35+ World, EAME preliminary 35+ World Final 35+ EAME Final Place in World Place in EAME
Slalom 3/55/10.75 3/55/10.75 1,5/55/11,25 2 7
Tricks 5520 7190 8170 1 1
Jump 48.9 50.1 50.5 4 2
Overall   2489,07 2605,78 1 1

DSCN3143.JPG (167603 байт)IMG_3025.JPG (108169 байт)DSCN3149.JPG (119325 байт)6th San Gervasio Bresciano Trophy 2010, 21-22 August, have finished successful. I did my personal best in slalom and national Georgian record in senior 1 category with result 3/55/10,75 and get a first place.

Here are results 6th San Gervasio Bresciano Trophy 2010 results
P8080837.JPG (105765 байт)P8050745.JPG (97586 байт)P8080819.JPG (94808 байт)2010 Junior Worlds Championships in San Gervasio Bresciano 5-8 August, have finished successful.
Here are results 2010 Junior Worlds results
 2010 Junior Worlds overall results

P7280796.JPG (63423 байт)P7270694.JPG (129627 байт)P7270699.JPG (122548 байт)Italian Nationals in Categoris 26/07/2010 - 28/07/2010. Club of San Gervasio became first as a team. Lamalfa Alberto get 3 place in tricks in category under 12 and Levani Guralia was a 3 in tricks under 17 category with 4040 points. Ghisi Ettore and Alberto did a personal best in tricks and slalom.
Here are results 2010 Italian Nationals in Categoris Results
P7020458.JPG (77051 байт)P7020479.JPG (67359 байт)P7040429.JPG (106085 байт)5th International San Gervasio B.no
02/07/2010 - 04/07/2010, have finished successful.
Here are results 5to_Int_San_Gerv_2010_sl_tr_jump_results
 5to_Int_San_Gerv_2010_overall1_results   5to_Int_San_Gerv_2010_overall2_results

P6190400.JPG (94565 байт)P6190402.JPG (73698 байт)Waterski clinic for the Greek guests.

DSCN2847.JPG (74582 байт)P6160378.JPG (49272 байт) P6130357.JPG (74817 байт)Water ski clinic for the kids of San Gervasio club, June 2010

P6130351.JPG (114221 байт) P6040270.JPG (89391 байт)Water ski clinic for the Swiss club Valence, June 2010

P5140008.JPG (72204 байт) P5120066.JPG (82896 байт) P5120064.JPG (79696 байт) P5130001.JPG (83367 байт)Base Corse of Water Skiing for students.

P4300383.JPG (72913 байт) P4300384.JPG (77271 байт)P5080003.JPG (29742 байт)New boats just arrived to San Gervasio in May.

                                                                                 My sponsor 2010 again, company MZ. In the photo owner of the company, Herbert Zuger

P4180264.JPG (55474 байт)P4230311.JPG (86957 байт)P4240318.JPG (74758 байт) New entertainment in the Club, for football fans.

             Guest from St. Petersburg in San Gervasio.

P4130271.JPG (87874 байт)P4150273.JPG (69824 байт)P4130267.JPG (76353 байт)Claudio Benatti and I am began a Lectures in Italian University's about Water Ski sport

P4050352.JPG (108752 байт)P4050350.JPG (104491 байт) Easter in San Gervasio. A little banquet with an our ski club members.

P4090286+.jpg (95114 байт)P4020314.JPG (45060 байт)P4090271.JPG (64983 байт) 27 March 2010 we officially opened a Water Ski season in San Gervasio Bresciano.
Welcome to San Gervasio for skiing

Junior_Worlds_Final.jpg (30559 байт) www.juniorworlds.it
Junior World Championship will be in San Gervasio (BS) this year 2010 in 5-8 August

Give it a Try (5° International San Gervasio B.no Trophy) July 2th to July 4th 2010
 RC class tournament with two rounds of overall (or two events) or three rounds of one event
 Link of the bulletin is http://www.juniorworlds.it/downloads_files/give-it-a-try.pdf  

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