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News 2011

The best moments in my Water ski career:

I am in San Gervasio BS. Italy again in this 2011 season.

PA310018.JPG (94481 байт)PA310013.JPG (93105 байт)PA310019.JPG (145152 байт)Almost finishing the water ski season in San Gervasio. But still looks good for skiing in the end of October.

DSCN6984.JPG (101657 байт) P9230080.JPG (135421 байт) P9260112.JPG (63175 байт)Club visitors in October from Russian, Switzerland and Germany enjoyed our 25 degree water and 29 degree air at nice lake of San Gervasio. Let you know that club still works till end of October.

P9250103.JPG (161575 байт) P9250107.JPG (124068 байт)Club competition in 29 September at San Gervasio Bs. and San Polo Brescia was successful for family of La Malfa from club San Gervasio. Ricardo won slalom his son Eduardo became third and daughter Silvia was second  among women's.

P9180184.JPG (95769 байт)P9180193.JPG (166504 байт)35+ European Championships Lacanau, France 15/18 Sep 2011 has
successfully ended for me.
Rewarding for Senior 1 Overall.
1 Guralia Genadi      GEO 2762.26
2 Leonhardt Andeas GER 2304.09
3 Gabriel Raoul         FRA 2276.79
I have won 1 gold medal in Overall, silver medal in Slalom and silver in Jumping. In tricks, because of my early fall I became forth.
So for Overall I did in slalom 3/55/10.75, 8470 points in tricks and 55.4 m. in Jumping.
Here are results
35+ EAME Champiomships 2011
P9180166.JPG (96536 байт)P9180149.JPG (109895 байт) Rewarding for Senior 1 Slalom.
1 Gabriel Raoul     FRA 35+ M preliminary 2.00/55/10.75 final 4.00/55/10.75
2 Guralia Genadi   GEO 35+ M preliminary 3.00/55/10.75 final 3.00/55/10.75
3 Palombo Stefano ITA 35+ M preliminary 4.50/55/11.25 final 3.00/55/10.75
P9180175.JPG (98752 байт)P9180176.JPG (122668 байт)Rewarding for Senior 1 Jumping.
1 Bjornoe Ole-Johan NOR 35+ M preliminary 56.1m final 56.7m,
2 Guralia Genadi        GEO 35+ M preliminary 55.4m final 55.0m,
3 Leonhardt Andeas   GER 35+ M preliminary 50.4m final 54.4m
P9150094.JPG (141393 байт)P9170130.JPG (128929 байт) Senior 1 Tricks
1 Le Forestier Nicolas *FRA 35+ M preliminary 10220 final 8460,
2 Leonhardt Andeas     GER 35+ M prel. 4730 final 5260,
3 Saintviteux Yves         BEL 35+ M prel. 3100 final 5110,
4 Guralia Genadi           GEO 35+ M prel. 8470 final 4090

World Junior Water Ski Championships, slalom and jumping 5-8/08/ 2010 San Gervasio Bresciano, Italy
Boys Slalom Preliminari and Final Rounds
Girls Slalom Preliminari and Final Rounds
Boys Jump Preliminari and Final Rounds
Format of DVD PAL 720x576 widescreen 16:9 and NTSC
World Junior Water Ski Championships, tricks 5-8/08/ 2010 San Gervasio Bresciano, Italy
Tricks DVD Preliminary and Final rounds with a scoring sheets over
Format of DVD PAL 720x576 and NTSC, duration 1h 15min

To buy DVD you can simply press the button (Add to Cart)
and I will send you DVD as soon as I can.
You can visit the link  DVD and get DVDs

P9040118.JPG (97355 байт)P9040097.JPG (81674 байт)P9040114.JPG (84108 байт)International Mickey Mouse Trophy 3/4 Sep 2011, Omegnia, Italy
San Gervasio ski club members did some good results.
Ghisi Ettore and La Malfa Alberto were selected for the Italian National team. Ghisi Ettore was second in Overall at national Trophy under 14 categorie, La Malfa Alberto was second in Overall at national Trophy under 12 category. At International Trophy Alberto was third in Overall and third in Tricks under 14 with his PB 1500 points. Here are results
Results National , Results International
P8270077.JPG (106623 байт)P8280089.JPG (88086 байт)7th San Gervasio Bresciano Trophy 27/28 Aug 2011, Italy
It was a competition with 3 round of slalom and I did my PB and Georgian National slalom record in Senior1 category with 4/55/10.75 and was first in my group. Jansson Jorgen from Sweden was second with 1/55/10.75 and Nemeth Gabor from Hungary came third with 4/55/11.25. In category open my son Guralia Levani  became third with result 1/58/12 after Ribeiro Santos Joao from Portugal and Muzic Fruccio from Croatia. Under 14 Boys slalom Ghisi Ettore was first with his PB 5/55/18.25, La Malfa Alberto second and Ghisi Alberto third. Here are results Results
DSCN5615.JPG (96265 байт)DSCN5634.JPG (67527 байт)DSCN5635.JPG (118694 байт)First Jolly Spin Contest 6 Aug 2011 and
First San Gervasio Flip Contest  7 Aug 2011, Italy

It was a grate competition with 3 round of tricks in itch lakes of San Gervasio and Brescia, in sum 6 rounds of tricks in 2 days.
At First Jolly Spin Contest I did 7970 points and was fifth in open category. First was Le Forestier Nicolas FRA with 11430 points, second Fortamps Olivier BEL 11010 points and third D`Alberto Lorenzo ITA 9530 points.  Under 17 Boys Pajni Gianmarco ITA did 8540 points and was first, Guralia Levani did his PB 4800 points and became second. Pachi Alessandro was third with 4270 points. Here are results
First Jolly Spin Contest Results 
At First San Gervasio Flip Contest I became fourth with 8520 points in open category, Fortamps Olivier BEL win with 11240 points, second was Le Forestier Nicolas FRA with 11010 points and third D`Alberto Lorenzo ITA 9460 points. Under 17 Boys Pajni Gianmarco ITA did 8760 points and was first with a Nathional Italian trick record in thise category, Levani Guralia was third after Pachi Alessandro with a score 4700 points.
Here are results
First San Gervasio Flip Contest  Results
DSCN5546.JPG (109431 байт)DSCN5540.JPG (105478 байт)DSCN5544.JPG (96357 байт) Italian Nationals in Categories 27/29 Jul 2011, Ravenna, Italy
Our San Gervasio ski club became an Italian National Champions. I skied good in the competition like foreigner and became number 1 in ranking list of senior 1 group in Overall. So I did 3/55/10.75 in slalom, 8150 points in tricks and 54,3 m. in jumping.
So La Malfa Silvia won Slalom under 10 Girls and she was second in tricks.
La Malfa Alberto was third in slalom under 12 Boys, second in tricks, second in jumping and second in Overall.
Ghisi Ettote was third in jumping under 14 Boys and third in Overall.
Luzzeri Fedele win a slalom at category over 45, Benatti Nicholas winner under 21 Boys in tricks with 9470 points.
Luzzeri Matteo was third in slalom and second in tricks like open Men. In Under 17 Boys category Pajni Gianmario second in tricks second in overall third in jumping. Pachi Alessandro was third in slalom, third in tricks, second in jumping  and therd in Overall. Pajni Maria Luisa was second in tricks under 21 Girls. Here are results
P7240448.JPG (115229 байт)P7240442.JPG (70226 байт)Segrate International 22/24 Jul 2011, Milan, Italy
I won with 3/55/10.75 in slalom over 35 category. Speri Nicola ITA was second and Luzzeri Fedele ITA third. In a photo is Herbert Zuger getting a trophy for Fedele. Here are results Results
DSCN5042.JPG (87189 байт)DSCN5142.JPG (83872 байт)P7030249.JPG (74807 байт)6° International San Gervasio Bresciano 1/3 Jul 2011
I won Overall in open category, second in jumping with 55.2 m. after Napolitano Davide ITA with 55,8 m. and D`Alberto Lorenzo ITA 53.2 m. In open Men tricks I became second with 7970 points after D`Alberto Lorenzo 8830 points.
Open Men slalom won Allais Carlo ITA 5/58/10.75, second Stadlbaur Benjamin SUI  4/58/10.75, third Luzzeri Matteo 5/58/11/25 an I became fourth with 4.5/58/11.25.
Pajni Gianmarco in category under 17 Boys jumping win with result 49.2 m.
Guralia Levani came third in slalom under 17 Boys with 1/58/12. Here are results
P8250057.JPG (89535 байт)DSCN5010.JPG (75125 байт)DSCN5332.JPG (89125 байт)DSCN5670.JPG (82998 байт)Club visitors in August

DSCN4704.JPG (78646 байт)DSCN4794.JPG (71620 байт)P8120509.JPG (73249 байт)P8230045.JPG (63356 байт)Guests from Saint Petersburg visited our club
DSCN4400+.jpg (69222 байт)IMG_8316.JPG (71342 байт)Guests from Saint Petersburg visited our club
DSCN4379.JPG (70560 байт)IMG_6828.JPG (43177 байт)P6030260.JPG (87759 байт)Guests from Lithuania and Switzerland visited our club
DSCN4109.JPG (110899 байт)DSCN4236.JPG (78866 байт)Students from Brescia gated a lessons of water skiing in San Gervasio
DSCN4057.JPG (84733 байт)DSCN4313.JPG (56186 байт)Guests from Germany and Sweden visited our club

segrate2010 (11).JPG (75909 байт)segrate2010 (10).JPG (65940 байт)segrate2010 (17).JPG (127284 байт) 6-9/09/2010 World 35+ and EAME 35+ Championships, Segrate in Italy have finished successfully for me.
 Here are results 35+ World, EAME Championships 2010 Results of senior men 1
Official results are here 35+ Waterski World Championships
and 2010 E&A 35+ Championships
Results Guralia Genadi 35+ World, EAME preliminary 35+ World Final 35+ EAME Final Place in World Place in EAME
Slalom 3/55/10.75 3/55/10.75 1,5/55/11,25 2 7
Tricks 5520 7190 8170 1 1
Jump 48.9 50.1 50.5 4 2
Overall   2489,07 2605,78 1 1

zugercompany.jpg (35835 байт)P4240021.jpg (123078 байт)New sponsors: MZ and PUNTO SPORT
Some more information's in the link Sponsors

DSC00275.jpg (114476 байт)I get trophy for the EAME Tournament Male skier of the year 2008.
In photo are coach of Jolly Water ski Center, Claudio Benatti, Me and president of the Jolly Ski School  as well as vice-president of  Italian Water Ski Fedaration, Fedele Luzzeri.

PB040023.jpg (93388 байт) Press conference in Sports Department of Georgia concerning my successes on the World  and Europe championships among seniors 2008.In a photo on the middle the chairman of Sports Department of Georgia, David Namgalauri and from the right the president of Georgian Water ski federation , Roman Melia.

PC300078.jpg (78856 байт)Rewarding ceremony in a nomination the best sportsman of the City, Poti 2008. From the right to photo the chairman of sport committee of the city, Zurab Tibua.

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