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Info 2006, Water Ski Career of Genadi Guralia 2006.

2006 The best moments in my Water ski career:
Coaching in Chalkis Water Ski Center 2006.
I was invited to work as the trainer in one of prestigious clubs of Greece, Chalkis Water Ski Center. The owner of club, Papakirikos Evagelos, Greece champion and national record holder in slalom. Unfortunately Evagelos was hardly sick of a terminal cancer. Young and vigorous, was full new ideas about development of a water ski in the country, he was the present professional of the affair. Evagelos till last minutes the life still hoped for the recovery, but the destiny all the same has disposed differently and he has abandoned our world.
The lake in Kaiafa also has been rented by club Halkida where two weeks in every month were daily trainings. This one of the best lakes in Greece. It is completely protected from a wind by trees and the temperature of water is always warmer than in any other place of Greece.
But all did not have the most important, heat and attention proceeding from Evagelos and his fast reaction to elimination of any arising problems in an operating time.
Unfortunately without Evagelos I also had problems on duly reception of necessary documents for my legal presence in territory of Greece. In this connection I had to leave back for Georgia and all our plans with Evagelos for long and interesting work, have failed.

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