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Info 2021, Water Ski Career of Genadi Guralia 2021.

I am in San Gervasio BS. Italy again in this 2021 season.
2021 The best moments in my Water ski career:
Final dinner of the season 2021.
Here are the mambers of a ski club together as one in friendship, passion, and respect.

It’s always fun to get together at the end of the season to toast on the season’s achievements and discuss and prepare next season (including some premature bets 😏).

Congratulations to the podium finishers of the 2021 Club Competition and to our two stars: Florian Parth, who won the “Skier of the Year” award, and Edoardo La Malfa as our “Most Improved Skier”.

See you on our dock in March for the start of an equally exciting 2022 season!
22nd Michailidis Masters
KAIAFAS Lake - 29/31 Oct 2021
Thanks everyone for inviting and hospitality made me feel very welcome. And of course organizing a great competition. I had so much fun 🤩 happy with a result of 4/55/10.75 and 1st plase in category 35+ . Happy to get the Trophy for the best result of the competition.

22nd Michailidis Masters Greece 2021, final round Genadi Guralia 4&1075
Advertising of SP Skis. Genadi Guralia in San Gervasio Bresciano, Italy. Version 2.
Advertising of SP Skis.
Genadi Guralia in San Gervasio Bresciano, Italy
Genadi Guralia from Georgia won three gold and one silver medals at the European 35+ Championship in Italy 31/08-05/09/2021, among 45+ men. He showed excellent results in slalom - 1.00 / 55 / 10.75 in the first round and half-buoy more in the final 1.50 / 55 / 10.75, becoming European slalom champion among 45+ man category. Won tricks with 5960 points. In Jumping the farthest one was - 45.5 m, in preliminary round. In the finals Genadi won silver medal. Big win and gold medal in the overall with a result of 3000 points!

Genadi Guralia Final tricks at Europeans 35+ in Ravenna Italy 2021
Genadi Guralia Final Jump Europeans Over 45 2021 Awarding Jump and Overall
Awarding of San Gervasio Water ski Club, for 14th time Italian Champion title in town council of San Gervasio Bs, Italy 9/09/2021

Some water ski training moments from San Gervasio Bs, Italy. Genadi Guralia
Genadi Guralia tricks water skiing training in San Gervasio Italy 08/06/2021
Sp Bronco training 2nd April 2021, running 10,75
Genadi Guralia, Slalom training with SP Bronco at 10,75 15_17/09/2021
Sp Bronco slalom training at 10,25 25/04/2021 and tricks training. Guralia Genadi.
VII ProAm San Gervasio Bresciano 2-4/07/2021
In category 45+ Genadi Guralia got first place in slalom with result of 5/55/10.75

Pro Am 2 round Genadi slalom 5/10.75 02/07/2021
2021 San Gervasio Pro-Am : Amateurs
2021 San Gervasio Pro-Am : Pro Qualifiers
2021 San Gervasio Pro-Am - Amateur + Pro Finals
XVI International San Gervasio San Gervasio Bresciano - 25/27 Jun 2021
XVI International San Gervasio
25.06.2021 - 27.06.2021

Results XVI International San Gervasio 2021
Slalom Cup 2021
San Gervasio Bresciano 13/06/2021

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